From Primos To Spypoint Trail Cameras Under $100

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trail camera 03There are a number of things people would like to take into consideration before buying things, particularly trail cameras as on trailcameracritics. Sometimes, one of the biggest hindrance is the budget. Quite lots of options offered with high-end specifications which cost not cheap. If you are looking for some trail cameras which cost under $100, then you should firstly take a look at Primos Truth Cam 35. Many users have proven it by themselves on the field that this trail camera is pretty dependable and reliable. The 3MP-camera is able to give you shots with detection range for 40 feet and clear pictures. Yet, the trigger speed is considerably low, compared to other trail cameras which in average only takes time under 1 second. The camera itself takes 1.5 second for its trigger speed. However, Primos Truth Cam can still be one good option for you with low budget.

Moving to Moultrie, the manufacturer has its A-5 Gen 2 Game Camera to be included into your list of best trail camera under $100 for sale. With its 5MP-camera, this series is surprisingly loved by Moultrie’s customers. This Gen is actually the lower-quality brother of the original A5 series, which target is low-end market. Yet, the camera is pretty attractive to admire, for it is equipped with low glow infrared motion sensor. The camera takes its detection range on 40 feet. In addition, unlike the previous cameras which are powered by C cell batteries, This A-5 Gen 3 uses 8 AA batteries which can last for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Getting higher in sensor, Spypoint BF-6 comes to complete your list for trail cameras under $100 with 6MP-camera. A bit different from the two previous alternatives, Spypoint BF-6 comes with 5 zone detection sensor which in fact can increase the camera’s trigger speed. Do not worry about the video quality because the camera is able to take videos with length up to 90 seconds.